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Cahill Education is pleased to offer consultancy in areas of strategy and support to individual educators and to schools

Building trust to ensure the capture of all the possibilities for today’s students, may mean moving mindsets no longer useful.
Cahill Education offers facilitation of a collaborative change process to take a small group (subject teachers), or an entire school staff, from where they are to a more ideal position.

Similarly, career consultation is offered to assist an individual from where they are at present to a more ideal position. (Enquiries welcome and costs realistic!)

Reviews of Literature  and focussed research projects are also offered to schools, networks and other organisations.

Supporting  new principals in identifying necessary milestones in organisational change

Providing support in challenging circumstances and/or assisting with job transition or career change

Coaching and Mentoring of Principals and Senior Educators
Mentoring and Support of Teachers in Early Years of Professional Practice

Assisting talented, newer teachers to sharpen their skills and so move quickly into informed, skilled leadership positions

Design and Development of Research Projects for Schools /or Groups of Schools

To provide reviews of current literature / and design and implement small or larger research projects, which are reported to include recommendations.

Writing of Journal Articles or Interest Papers

To assist Principals by providing topical articles for school newsletters/ parent meetings or school journals. Speech night addresses also offered

National / International Study Tours
Change Management

Work with Principals / schools to identify specific needs for an educational study tour. To  elicit invitations from exemplary schools and organisations. To arrange timeline, travel and accommodation, as well as all introduction processes.

Working with school staffs to identify strategy  and tactics in an action plan to move from their present situation to  a more ideal future